Water Ionizer: Is it Really Necessary?

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Water not only quenches our thirst but also aids a lot of bodily functions. Most of our body is made up of water and some of it is lost through sweat and urine. This is why it is important to stay hydrated. However, not all kinds of water are suitable for consumption and this is where the role of an ionizer comes in.

What Is a Water Ionizer?

An ionizer is a device that can be used anywhere. It raises the pH level of drinking water through a process known as Electrolysis. The water is divided into acidic and alkaline components through electrolysis. 

What Are the Benefits?

Tap water may seem harmless but it can affect your health in the long run. A purifier does not alter the base of the water. On the other hand, an ionizer helps to filter out impurities like chlorine and other substances from the regular tap water and then performs Electrolysis: Splitting of Oxygen and Hydrogen. An electron is added to the atom of Hydrogen at the end of this entire process which creates a molecule which is called Diatomic Molecular Hydrogen gas. This is what adds value to your water making it rich in antioxidants. 

An antioxidant is a substance that will prevent the oxidation of any other chemical. Cancer, heart disease, and diabetes all cause some amount of oxidative damage to the body. Antioxidants, however, control the highly reactive free-radicals that may harm the cells in the body causing various diseases.A study showed that drinking water that is rich in Hydrogen content can increase the level of antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase and decrease the reactive substances present in urine. An increase in HDL commonly known as the ‘Good Cholesterol’ and a decrease in the ‘Bad Cholesterol’ was noticed after the consumption of antioxidant-rich water for around two months.

Other Advantages of Using A Water Ionizer?

Water ionizers are designed to modify the pH of regular water to suit our daily needs. It creates alkaline water that is known for its immense health benefits. Ionizers not only produce antioxidant-rich water, but this water also has several other properties that make it the best choice for daily consumption.

  1. Micro-Clustered water: The water molecules are made up of smaller clustered molecules due to which it is better absorbed by human cells.
  2. Hydration: Because this water is easily absorbed by the body, it provides better and increased hydration.
  1. Nutrient Absorption: With better absorption, our bodies get the necessary nutrient supply from food, through alkaline water consumption. 
  2. Detoxification: The increased hydration and required antioxidant supply allows one’s body to efficiently detox and rid the body of harmful toxins.

The Verdict

Whether you have a purifier or not, getting a water ionizer will prove to be beneficial in the long term. It would ensure a steady supply of healthy alkaline water not only for consumption but also for other uses. Hence, do thorough research, invest in a good water ionizer, and gift yourself the healthy life that you deserve.