Healthy Skin: Hydration vs Moisturization

Healthy, glowing skin and water go hand in hand. You cannot have the former without the latter. Given the fast-paced life we have, most of us end up neglecting the needs of our skin. We tend to skip on the basic maintenance routine at times, we eat oily and junk food which does more harm than good for our bodies. These result in dryness, acne-prone, flaky, and dull skin.

Common Skin Problems and Their Causes.

Almost everyone has faced some kind of skin problem at some point or the other during their lives. Amongst skin problems, some of the most common issues that people have are as follows:

  • Oily acne-prone skin
  • Dryness
  • Rough patches
  • Pigmentation
  • Discoloration
  • Dullness

The causes of skin issues could be many. Some are internal, while some are external. Internal reasons could range from dehydration, underlying health issue, stress, excessive fat consumption to toxin build-up, etc. External issues could range from unclogged pores, allergens, dust to chemicals.

One Mantra for Good Skin

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration! It is the most recommended way of getting healthy and glowing skin. It not only flushes out harmful toxins from the cells but also rejuvenates them from within. This, in turn, keeps the cells hydrated from within and gives us glowing skin.

Hydration Vs. Moisturization, Which Is Better? 

The age-old battle of Hydration vs Moisturization is similar to that of the mystery of what came first – the egg or the chicken. What we need to understand is that one is an external maintenance factor while the other is an internal need. Let us see how each of them works.

Hydrate, exfoliate and moisturise, the three mantras to keep your ...


In simple terms, hydration requires water consumption that keeps the body from drying out internally. The more water one drinks, the better hydrated he or she is. Many medical practitioners are of the opinion that alkaline water is a great source to speed up the hydration process. It is super absorbable and helps in balancing the pH levels of the body. They also recommend it as a great source of antioxidants which can be absorbed  by the body much easier as opposed to antioxidants from food sources


Moisturization mainly includes applying moisture containing products to hydrate one’s skin from the outside. It provides instant gratification in terms of moisturizing your skin. Moisturization only has a short-term effect on the skin, it needs to be repeated after regular intervals of time.

The Verdict

Both hydration and moisturization are equally important in order to get healthy glowing skin. Along with that, it is also important that one stays healthy from within. A combination of both internal health and external maintenance is the key to having healthy and young skin. Remember, overall health has a tremendous effect on one’s outer appearance. It is essential to keep your pH balance in check and include plenty of antioxidant-rich food and alkaline water in one’s daily diet for better and improved health. Make sure you provide your body with enough essential nutrients to stay in perfect health.