How to Make Your Water Alkaline?

A human body is made up of 70% water. Keeping the body hydrated is important as you constantly lose water in the form of sweat and urine. While drinking purified water is the solution to most of the troubles caused by the lack of water content in the body, alkaline water has some added benefits. 

What Is Alkaline Water?

Water that has been ionized, i.e. the pH level of the water has been increased, is called alkaline water. The pH level is the range that measures the acidic or alkaline nature of a substance. The scale is from 0 to 14. Usually, the pH level of alkaline water is around 8 or 9 and the pH level of tap water is 7 or below(acidic). The biggest advantage of alkaline water is that it neutralizes the acidic nature of the body and helps prevent diseases. The alkaline properties of water can be increased by using additives or special filters which raises the pH levels which is not good compared as it involves chemicals safer methods like ionizing the water through electricity to brings out the alkalinity naturally.

Natural or Artificial?

Alkaline water is found in nature when water passes over rocks and picks up minerals that alter its alkaline level. This is found only in natural springs and the alkaline water available in the market is one that is treated by a  process called electrolysis. For the latter,, an ionizer is used to raise the pH of normal water. Molecules in the water that are more acidic or more alkaline are separated using electricity in that ionizing chamber. The acidic water is then discarded. 

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is said to be beneficial for bone health and osteoporosis. Bone resorption is the process by which the old bone cells are broken down and replaced by new ones. Bone strength is increased when there is less bone resorption and more mineral density. In other cases, when the contents of the stomach that are acidic in nature rise up the food pipe it is called Acid Reflux. Repetition of this can cause gastroesophageal reflux disease. Alkaline water which has pH 8.8 stops an enzyme that causes the reflux disease reducing the acidity of the stomach. If you drink alkaline water for at least six months, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipids can be visibly low

The Verdict

Easier methods of making your alkaline water at home are water ionizers that are easily available in the market which also has extra advantages like rich antioxidants to fight free radicals in the body and  Micro-Clustering for fast absorption. You can fix it on top of the tap and get alkaline water available at all times. Ionizers allow you to control the pH levels according to your need, so that you can use the alkaline water for several different household purposes other than consuming including skin care, disinfecting, etc .