What’s The Buzz About Anti-Oxidants??

Antioxidants, I cannot count the number of times I have come this word these days. Antioxidants have been associated with immense health benefits over the years. Some researchers have purported that foods rich in antioxidant elements have disease-fighting properties capable of protecting people from certain ailments like cancer. Antioxidants are a miracle for most people with health concerns. On the other hand, studies have shown that foods that are rich in Vitamin E, and antioxidants are not enough to protect people from diseases. So, what’s all the buzz about antioxidants

What are Anti-Oxidants?
Antioxidants are molecules tasked with fighting off free radicals in our bodies. Illnesses such as diabetes and cancers are related to increasing levels of free radicals. Fruits, whole-grain foods, vegetables, animal-based, and plant-based sources have been known to provide antioxidants to humans through consumption. The most known are Vitamins E and C which are a rich source of antioxidants and are recommended by doctors to be included in our dietary practices.

Hydrogen rich water has been praised for its health benefits and is often recommended as an important source for one to obtained antioxidants apart from just food sources. Oxidative stress is a major concern that leads to inflammation and is caused by unstable free radical molecules. Drinking water infused with rich molecular hydrogen is used to fight these free radicals and protect your body cells. Some studies have tested the effects of hydrogen water acting as antioxidants on people to fight inflammation. This works by reducing the level of hydroperoxide, a causal agent for oxidative stress.

Athletes and Antioxidants

Athletes and Antioxidants Hydrogen water has been used for years to improve and increase the overall performance of athletes. By minimizing the amount of lactate in the blood, this type of water helps to slow down muscle fatigue. A recent study conducted on football players who drank 1.5 liters of hydrogen water showed that they had low levels of lactate accumulation in the body. Also, individuals were found to have less muscle fatigue after exercise.

May Help People with Metabolic Syndrome Issues

Metabolic issues are caused by high sugar levels, abnormal cholesterol levels, and increased triglycerides. For normal glucose metabolism, antioxidants are important. Also, excess inflammation has been traced as being a symptom caused by metabolism syndrome. Recent studies suggest that consumption of hydrogen-enriched water can reduce causal agents of oxidative stress. Antioxidants from hydrogen rich water have immense benefits in curbing issues related to metabolic disorders.

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Should You Consume Antioxidant Foods? A regular intake of antioxidants is essential, but it is important that you ensure that they are effectively being absorbed by the body. Just food sources are not enough for your body to absorb the necessary antioxidants. This is where hydrogen rich water comes into play. It is
easier for the body to absorb hydrogen water which is alkaline in nature and acts as an antioxidant. It helps in balancing the pH levels in one’s body.

Consumption of rich antioxidant water and are beneficial and helps to reduce oxidative stressFeeling refreshed after an espresso, we walked a short distance to the small but welcoming Banya Bashi Mosque, then descended into the ancient Serdica complex.

The Verdict
Consumption of antioxidants is healthy and is recommended by doctors that one should include a regular intake of antioxidants in their diet. With its countless benefits, antioxidant intake is good for ideal body functions.


The best way to get most of the antioxidants is to take the daily intake recommended by health experts. Plant-based sources of antioxidants like vegetables and fruits are a good remedy to get the recommended amount of antioxidants. However, one can choose to opt for more effective alternatives like hydrogen rich water that are easily available in the market.