The Reality Of Anti-Aging

Aging is a complex, intricate biological phenomenon that depends on a wide array
of endogenous (intrinsic) and exogenous (extrinsic) factors. We all want to look
young, healthy, and fresh for as long as possible. Yet, most of us take shortcuts for
the same, depending more than we should on cosmetics and less than we ought
to on lifestyle changes.

Did you know that a 12-week study  done on the best anti-aging products on the market revealed their effectiveness to be about 10 percent, rendering the effects barely visible to the human eye? It’s time to talk about the truth behind anti-aging and discuss solutions that truly work in the long term.

Diet and Nutrition

You are what you eat. Keep your diet well-balanced. Eat lots of healthy fats and
protein, and make sure your diet is nutrition-rich and as devoid of unhealthy fats,
artificial flavoring substances, and preservatives as it can be. Nutrients like
Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, Selenium, and Zinc are considered good for
radiant skin. Another aspect of your diet is mineral intake. Make sure you drink water that is rich in minerals and keeps you well-hydrated.


Antioxidants are crucial for skin health as they help your body stunt the growth of free radicals that can damage cells. This gives your body enough time to recover
and rejuvenate itself at a faster rate than the damage being done. The easiest and quickest way to get a healthy dose of antioxidants in the body is to drink ionized

Regular exercise

Exercise helps circulate blood—and thus, nutrition and oxygen—throughout the body. If you include massages and even acupuncture to your exercise regime, it will help get blood to the dying cells in time so they can heal better, leaving your skin feel fresh and look younger.

The amount of sleep

Your body is healing when you sleep. This is true of your skin as well. You need a healthy amount of sleep in order for your skin to heal the micro-wounds and pore damages done by elements like dust throughout the day.

Additionally, make sure you wash your face (or take a bath) before you go to bed. This will allow unclog pores and give them time to heal better.

Get rid of destructive habits

Countless studies have, time and again, showed the adverse effects of habits like smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, too much fast food, too much sugar, and too
much sodium on your health. Avoid these obvious things and you shall have better skin—and overall health as—these substances don’t do much for your
body’s healing factor.

The Quality of the Water you drink

On an average, upto 70% of our body is made up of water. Needless to say, the quality of the water we drink plays a great role in how we look. In order to flush
out toxins from your body and to ensure a uniform distribution of oxygen and nutrition throughout your body, you should drink plenty of water.

Drinking micro-clustered water helps get these tasks done more efficiently as it has a higher absorption rate, meaning more oxygen and nutrition gets to your
body quicker as compared to tap/filtered water. It also prevents your skin from the adverse effects of dehydration.


So, rather than depending on artificial means for anti-aging like cosmetics, it is advisable and wise to choose natural means as mentioned above, which also improves overall health and well being as an add-on.