Micro Clustering: FACTS!

If you have heard or read about alkaline water or hydrogen water with super absorption abilities, you most likely have also come across the term “Micro Clustering”. What is Micro Clustering? How does it make the water any special than regular water?
Let us take a look at some facts and benefits of Micro Clustering.

What is Micro Clustering?

Regular water or tap water constitutes a large number of molecule clusters. Usually, they range between 12-14 molecules in one cluster. These large clusters make the water difficult to be absorbed effectively by our bodies. This is where the process of micro clustering comes with its benefits

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How does it happen?

Micro clustering uses ionization to break down these large clusters of molecules into smaller clusters comprising of only 5-6 molecules. This breaking down of molecules into smaller clusters makes the water easier to absorb. This water can be absorbed by the human cells much easier and it helps to flush out the acidic toxins within the cells, which in turn helps us lead a healthy life.

Large Water Molecule Clusters VS Micro Clusters

Large molecule clusters mean, that your body will not long for more water consumption after that first glass. The large cluster of molecules will be absorbed over a long time by the body, thus eliminating a need for further consumption. However, micro clusters have an opposite effect on the human body. The small clusters enable the cells to absorb the water faster and thus generating a need for replenishment
within a very short span of time. This makes the consumer feel thirsty and he consumes more water in the process.

Benefits of Ionized Water

Ionized water is known for its good alkaline properties that are considered healthy for the human body. Ionized water has several healthy properties that make it extremely healthy for human consumption. An important one is its micro clustered structure. It allows the alkaline water to be better absorbed by the body thus helping in its adequate hydration..

Water facilitates all kinds of functions in our bodies, starting from the absorption of nutrients and minerals to flushing out of harmful toxins. It only makes sense that we have a better quality of water in our body that helps to elevate these essential functions within us. Studies have shown that Ionized water helps to do this work for us. With better and faster absorption ability, the human cells can soak in
more nutrients and minerals through the process of osmosis and can easily flush out the waste products. Also aids in necessary detoxification of the body.


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In conclusion, we can say that the micro clustering properties of ionized water or alkaline water makes it an excellent way to make one’s bodily functions significantly better. With higher solubility than regular water, it helps in delivering more nutrients and minerals that a human cell needs in order to be healthy.

Other than micro clustering properties, ionized water also is considered a good source of antioxidants which helps in reducing oxidation in the human body and eliminates free radicals.