Does Dehydrated Skin cause Wrinkes?

We have grown up hearing our grandmas saying that water is essential if one wants glowing and beautiful skin. Truth be told, it is not at all a myth. Water is essential for all living creatures to live. For us humans, water acts as a source of hydration. When consumed, it gets absorbed by the cells giving it more resources to work with. Water also helps flush out the harmful toxins that are produced as by-products of bodily functions. It helps in better digestion and better absorption of nutrients that we consume on a daily basis.

The Largest Organ of your Body: The Skin

Our skin goes through a lot of wear and tear in our day-to-day lives. It bears the brunt of the changing weather, harsh pollutants, harsh water, chemical products and so much more. It also lacks the necessary nourishment that it could have gained internally due to the incapacity of the human body to absorb essential nutrients just through food sources. All these eventually take a toll on our skin. The skin becomes dull, lifeless, and starts showing early signs of aging through wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet.

How Does Water Affect your Skin?

Most of us have a quite common skincare routine. It usually consists of cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturizing. We do not go beyond this in our daily lives. What we tend to overlook is that our skin needs not only external maintenance, but it is also important that we keep nourishing it from the inside as well. We try to do that by eating healthy, but it is not enough. Most of the nutrients from food sources cannot be absorbed by the human body. It needs a catalyst for the nutrients to be truly and completely absorbed. This is why water is important.

What Is Dehydration and How Does it Affect ur Skin?

Dehydration is caused when there is a lack of water supply in the body. In other words, when your body is not getting enough water for its daily use, it starts drying up from the inside. This results in a lot of health issues like weakness, dizziness, dull and wrinkled skin, and much more. Doctors and skincare professionals often recommend us to have at least 8 glasses of water to get glowing and clear skin. The simple reason behind it is the fact the water helps flush out harmful toxins from our bodies.

How Do You Save Your Skin from getting Dehydrated?

Along with the external maintenance of your skin, keep in mind to nourish your skin from the inside as well. Having plenty of  water helps in better absorption of essential minerals and nutrients from the food you eat . There would be maximum benefits if you go with most natural form of water like Alkaline Waters which are available at natural springs at mountain regions without chemicals added to it or something like home-made processes which converts your existing water into alkaline-water with the help of water-ionisers which are an extension to the water purifiers, which also boasts special properties like “Micro-Clustering” which means breaking down the cluster size of water molecules into smaller clusters making it easily absorbable through the human cells for better hydration and nutrition transportation to the skin, just like how it happens with natural mountain spring waters!

The Verdict

Hydrating from the inside and the outside is the secret to having wrinkle-free glowing skin. So concentrate more on the quantity as well as the quality of the water you are drinking to get the maximum hydration and let your skin speak the results.