Decoding the Science Behind Alkaline Water

There has been a lot of studies and researches going on the benefits of alkaline water in recent times. Medical practitioners have been recommending this water as a healthy source of antioxidants. Amidst all kinds of talks, people are often left confused about what alkaline water is and how is it different from regular water that we normally consume in our daily lives.

What is alkaline water?

When we talk about alkaline water, the alkalinity represents its pH level. Normal water or regular water is neutral with a pH of 7. The pH scale helps represent how acidic or alkaline a substance is. 1 being extremely acidic with 14 being extremely alkaline. Alkaline water is extremely beneficial in balancing the pH levels in the human body which tends to go towards acidic because of harmful and hectic lifestyles.

For water to be alkaline in nature there are additional factors other than just the pH level of the water. The water must also contain alkaline minerals and nutrients along with a negative OPR (oxidation reduction potential). OPR is the water’s ability to oxidize or reduce a separate molecule. The ORP helps the water become more alkaline and thus increases its antioxidant content.

Research findings on alkaline water

Studies have shown that drinking water with a slightly alkaline level has several benefits. One important discovery in a study conducted in 2012 has been that alkaline water of a pH level of 8.8 helps in reflux diseases to a great extent. Other studies show benefits like- it helps patients who suffer from diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol in keeping these issues in check.

Another study has shown that alkaline water helps in reducing blood viscosity in adults. Blood viscosity is directly linked to the efficient flow of blood. The higher the viscosity, the difficult it is for blood to flow. 100 volunteers were monitored and given alkaline water, and test results showed a significant reduction in blood viscosity from a 6.3 to 3.36. It also helped to conclude that due to this reduced blood
viscosity oxygen can be better distributed throughout the body.

Benefits of alkaline water

Several observations and studies have shown that there are numerous benefits of alkaline water consumption over regular water consumption.

Some of these are as follows:
● Better hydration
● Helps in flushing out harmful toxins
● Neutralizes harmful free radicals
● Anti-aging
● Helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body
● Boosts immunity
● Facilitates better absorption of important nutrients and minerals through osmosis in human
● Helps fight some types of cancer ● Neutralizes acidic levels


Slightly alkaline water helps reduce the oxidative stress in the human body and thus helps in neutralizing its harmful effects. It helps to maintain the right pH balance on the body. However, it is to be noted that it does not by any means, change the natural pH of the blood which ranges between 7.35 and 7.45 in healthy humans, but it only allows the water to be absorbed more effectively, which in turn effectively
helps balance the acid levels in our bodies, thus improving overall health of the consumer.