Are You Drinking Micro Clustered Water?

While we all know the basic components of water—which is H2O—there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye. The composition of a sample of water determines its ability to hold minerals and its ability to be absorbed by your cells at a certain rate.

Water molecules form a cluster, and the size of this cluster determines how quickly your body will be able to absorb it. Tap water has giant clusters, comprising of 15-20 molecules. Micro- clustered water is ionized water that is treated to break these huge clusters down to smaller
ones that have 4-6 water molecules.

Now that we understand what micro-clustered water is, let’s talk about the benefits of consuming it on a daily basis.

Water constitutes of 70% of the components that make our body. Hence, it’s natural that the kind of water we drink hugely affects our body’s functioning. From healing and rejuvenation to basic functioning—water is an essential element of how our body stays healthy.

High Absorption Rates

Because of the smaller clusters as compared to tap water, it’s easier for our body’s cells to absorb micro-clustered water. This, in turn, results in quicker replenishment of our body’s stored water, resulting in quicker hydration. This fact alone gives it advantages one cannot underestimate.

Quicker mineral/nutritional replenishment

The quicker the absorption rate, the quicker the rate of mineral replenishment. The quicker the replenishment of the minerals and nutrients we get by drinking water, the lesser the damage to the body that occurs because of their absence. For athletes in particular, this is a factor that makes a huge difference in the long run.

Better detoxification

Micro-clustered water is the right remedy for robust hydration of the body, which also results
in better and quicker detoxification. Consumed regularly and over a long duration of time, it
also helps your body get rid of toxins and other harmful wastes.

If you dont hydrate enough, your body’s processes start to slow down. This affects your body in two ways. Firstly, nutrients and essentials like electrolytes are not transported to the cells properly. Secondly, due to lack of urination and proper distribution of water throughout the body, your body loses its ability to gather and flush out toxins from your kidneys effectively. Over time, they can build up and cause several health problems.

Improved vital mineral movement

Water plays a vital role in the transportation of vital minerals and nutrients throughout our bodies. Due to its composition, micro-clustered water has the ability to quickly reach different parts of the body, get absorbed, flush out toxins, and pick up nutrition to transport it everywhere else. These processes are quicker—and more effective—with micro-cluster water as compared to tap water.

Micro-clustered water also enhances oxygen movement throughout the body’s cells. While the rate is not significantly higher than tap water, over time, it does make a great deal of difference in one’s health.


Micro-clustered water doesn’t have impurities, is easier to absorb, and facilitates good nutritional delivery throughout the body. However, its main benefits lie beyond these factors. Consumption of this type of ionized water for a longer duration of time is bound to keep your body well-replenished and toxin-free, resulting in a boost of your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Hence, the benefits that may seem like a 15% improvement over tap water eventually lead to results that are hard to ignore, to say the least.